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I made a vow to protect Sly, even if that means giving away a piece of myself by marrying a man I despise.
The only thing keeping my heart beating through the grief is when August drops a new set of surveillance photos onto my lap.
It’s enough to keep me compliant.
But when I hear Sly’s in a hospital in California after being shot, I stop everything and get on a plane.
It never occurred to me that while I was doing what was necessary to make sure he stayed alive, there could be outside factors that would risk his life, too.
He can’t die.
I love him too much.
And I’ll do anything to keep him alive.
For months, I’ve tried to stop loving her.
Begged myself in the darkness of the night as I lay awake, to let her go.
So badly, I’ve wanted to move on from the hurt inside and the love I still cling to, but I can’t. Telling myself not to love her is like telling myself to stop breathing.
But watching her prepare to marry another man is like a searing knife to the heart that keeps twisting.
Beginning a new life in California seemed like the only option, but seeing her while I lie in my hospital bed, I can sense something is amiss.
What should be a beautiful reunion feels like goodbye.
And I’m not ready to let her go.
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With a Kiss Duet Book 2


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